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Consumers at the centre of health
in South Australia

In the South Australian health system, it is now more widely accepted that consumers should have a central role as the users and beneficiaries of health care and, ultimately are the ones who pay for it. While once the consumer voice was heard only at the margins of the health system, now HCA helps facilitate the appointment of consumer representatives on more than 20 health-related committees. 


Advocacy can bring about change or it may maintain the status quo, but it is always directed towards a specific goal or end. 



Closes Friday 25 October 2019
The SA Dental Service Consumer Advisory Panel (SADS CAP) first met in June 1999 and has positively contributed on many levels from policy to resource development while ensuring that SADS remains responsive to the needs of the South Australian public. 

  • The Consumer Advisory Panel currently meets bi-monthly the second week (usually a Wednesday) of the month at SA Dental Service, Roma Mitchell House, 136 North Terrace.
  • Meetings are scheduled for two hours and usually start at 12.00pm.
  • A light lunch, coffee and tea are provided. 
  • Members may be asked to do some pre-reading for the meeting to facilitate discussion and act as a link between the SA Dental Service and their “sponsoring” organisation.
  • Term appointment for three years with an option of a further three year extension.
  • Sitting fees may also apply

As a sub-committee of the SA Dental Service Executive, CAP members provide advice at the highest level of organisational governance and as such, are recruited in recognition of their extensive knowledge, skills, professional and/or personal experiences, network links and ability to represent their community of interest. In support of their full engagement with Panel activities and discussion, SA Dental Service 
ensures that CAP members are fully briefed on and understand any proposal on which the Panel’s recommendation(s) is sought. This may require specific explanation of financial and other data which accompanies proposals.
Membership Nomination Process
Interested persons will be invited to a meeting with the SA Dental Service Client Relations Manager and the Chairperson of the Consumer Advisory Panel. Reference checks will be required before a Member’s appointment is recommended and forwarded to Executive Director for consideration. More detailed information available here
If you are interested in applying, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., outlining why you would like to join and what you can contribute to the SA Dental Service Consumer Advisory Panel. 


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