HCASA closed on 30 September 2020

Strategic Directions

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision:  Consumers at the centre of health in South Australia

Health consumers are people who use, or are potential users of health services, including their family and carers.

Our mission: To engage consumers and health services to achieve high quality, safe, consumer-centred care for all South Australians.

  • We seek to promote and strengthen the voices, wellbeing, rights and leadership of health consumers.
  • We advocate that consumer engagement policy and practice is embedded across the SA health care system. This includes public, private and non-government health service providers.
  • We believe that consumer engagement results in better planning and policy making. This leads to better health outcomes and community wellbeing.


Strategic Directions 2012-1016

  1. Health equity and rights
    We work with health consumers, communities and other stakeholders to promote health equity and rights.
  1. Policy leadership and systemic advocacy
    We are policy leaders and provide systemic advocacy to inform, shape and sustain consumer centred care.
  1. Engagement and partnerships
    We lead health consumer and community engagement and collaboration.
  1. Organisational strength and innovation
    We develop the people culture, systems and resources to be an effective and thriving organisation.


Strategic Directions 2017 – 2020

  1. We lead health consumer engagement across all levels: individual, service and system.
    Outcome: Consumers influence health at all levels.
  1. We lead systemic advocacy and policy to shape consumer-centred care.
    Outcome: Consumers inform health policy, planning, design, delivery, measurement and evaluation.
  1. We provide information, learning and development to build the skills of consumers and health services.
    Outcomes: Consumers have access to accurate health information.
    Consumers and health services have the skills to effectively partner.
  1. We develop our people, culture and systems to be an effective and thriving organisation.
    Outcome: Health consumers have an effective, thriving and sustainable organisation in South Australia.