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Consumers at the centre of health
in South Australia

The South Australian Health Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) invited Health Consumers Alliance (SA) and health consumers to develop:

‘A Consumer and Community Engagement Framework for the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute’

The purpose of the Framework is to demonstrate SAHMRIs commitment to consumer and community engagement in health and medical research. SAHMRI is an evidence based organisation and this Framework is based on the findings of a review of the literature of existing evidence about how to best encourage community participation in research, and the evaluation of this Framework will contribute further to the evidence base.

Given this commitment SAHMRI has established a Consumer and Community Partnership Committee to lead the implementation of the Framework.

Six consumers have been recruited, they responded to an expression of interest and participated in an interview and then accepted a role on the partnership committee.

Congratulations to Ann Johnson, Anna Maclean, Cecil Camilleri, Judy Smith, Julie Marker and Kristin Johansson.

They will join leaders from SAHMRI, including the research themes and representatives from HCA at the first meeting scheduled for October 23 2015.

HCA will chair the committee and the agenda includes: promoting the statement of principles, one of which is based on the understanding that those affected by research have a right to be involved in research.

For more information contact HCA on 8231 4169.

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