If you work in health and community services and you have responsibility for consumer engagement, safety and quality, complaints management, policy service delivery or want to learn about how you and your organisation can improve or implement best-practice consumer engagement, this is for you!

HCASA offer a range of courses for professionals working in health and community services who work across a range ofwho work across a range ofsettings and services. We have developed our own consumer engagement training for professionals over a range of topics and partnered with the Health Issues Centre to provide the Graduate Certificate in Consumer and Community Engagement here in South Australia for the first time.

HCASA have trained over 400 consumers across South Australia, and we want to make sure consumers and professionals in health and community services are on the same page. This is a huge step in consumer engagement in South Australia and will address a gap between consumer expectations and professional knowledge.

Consumer Engagement - How does it work in practice?
This 1 day course explains the meaning and importance of consumer engagement and what this looks like in every day practice. 
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Consumer Complaints Management- Hard to deal with but why are they important?
This 1 day course explains the importance of consumer feedback and how to effectively manage it. 
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Graduate Certificate in Consumer and Community Engagement
The Graduate Certificate in Consumer and Community Engagement is delivered as a four day face-to-face program. 
This is a unique opportunity, successfully complete your assessments and at the end of the four days your will have a Graduate Certificate!
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IAP2 Foundations in Public Participation
The landscape of global public participation and community engagement is changing. A proven framework for public participation has never been more essential. People want and need to be engaged as decisions are made, and it must happen in a respectful, positive, and effective way that creates the best possible outcomes for all concerned. This course is broken into two modules and is held over two weeks. 
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