HCASA closed on 30 September 2020

Key Documents

HCASA 2018 Election Platform
HCASA Election Platform Background
Summary of key points from politicians sholders members
CHF Roundtable Report
CHF White Paper Shifting Gears – Consumer Transforming Health 2018
Setting up an SA Consumer Health Organisation
Article: Johnson – HI Issue 81
Building more effective Consumer participation in health.pdf
Service Agreement 2004-2007
Service Agreement 2007-2010
Service Agreement 2010-2013
Service Agreement 2013-2016
Service Agreement 2016-2019
Summary of 2016 Strategic Directions Consultation
HCASA 2012-2016 Strategic Directions
HCASA 2017-2020 Strategic Directions
Current HCASA Constitution 2017
HCASA 2004 Constitution
HCASA 2008 Constitution
HCASA 2010 Constitution
Summary Key Constitution changes 2010
HCASA 2015 Constitution
Notice of motion constitutional amendments 2015
HCASA Constitution 2017 rebrand
HCASA Response to Draft HCSCC Charter
HCSCC Charter Consultation
A Consumer and Community Engagement Framework for SAHMRI
Integrating Consumer Engagement in Health and Medical Research
Final Report Youth Mental Health Consultation Report
MH Framework
Independant review into the incorrect dosing of Cytarabine
Oakden Response Governance Framework
Oakden Response Plan Oversight Committee Final Report
Oakden Review
Joint submission by Health Consumers Councils across Australia
Joint Media Statement TGA Action on mesh welcome but not enough
Open letter to the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care
Consumer Orgs Media Release
Buyer Beware Media release
Vindicated – But justice deferred – Australian state HCCs Mesh media release
Mesh media release October
Research into the need for an individual health advocacy service in South Australia Report
HCASA Report Complaints Management to Drive Quality Improvement LitRev
HCASA Consumer participation COVID-19 Pandemic
Consumer Engagement during COVID-19 – Survey Report HCASA
COVID-19 – Consumer Reference Group – Info Sheet HCASA
COVID-19 Consumer Reference Group Report 1
COVID-19 Consumer Reference Group Report 2
COVID-19 Consumer Reference Group Report 3
Involving Consumers COVID19 Tipsheet
HCASA COVID-19 Telehealth Tipsheet
Consumer Awards
HCASA SA Health Consumer Experience Survey
Partnership Service Agreement Prospectus
Service Partnership Brochure
Revised Proposal HCASA Health Partners Partnership Agreement
HCASA Report Essential Media
SA Top Companies Letter
Yellow Brick Road HCASA White Paper