What is Consumer Centred Care?

Consumer Centred Care

The essence of consumer centred care - that the health care system should be designed around the patient with respect for a person's preferences, values and needs. 

What is clear is that consumer centred care is part of a shift in focus and that healthcare systems cannot cope if they continue to focus on the disease rather than the person. There is a growing consensus that the involvement of consumers, and a system focussed on the needs and preferences of consumers, may be the most cost-effective way to improve health outcomes.

HCA considers that the patient or consumer, with their carer as appropriate, is the only person in a position to make the decision on what consumer centred healthcare means to them. Ultimately, the required outcome of healthcare is a better quality of health and/or life as defined by the consumer.

Consumers want health care that puts them at the centre of decision-making and treats them as whole human beings not as symptoms or body parts that need treatment. This means a relationship between consumers and health care providers that is based on mutual respect and operates as a partnership.

Research demonstrates that patient-centred care improves patient experience and creates public value for services through improving the safety and quality of the health system.

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